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Fabricated Ductile Iron Pipe per AWWA C115/A21.15-20


  • Cement, Glass, P-401 lined
  • Flanged 3” - 48”
  • Grooved 3” - 36”

Fabricated Ductile Iron Wall and Floor Pipe


  • Ductile Iron Flange & MJ Fittings
  • Toruseal Full Face Gaskets
  • Steel Wall and Floor Sleeves
  • Victaulic® AWWA Grooved Products
  • Megaflange® Adapters

Fire Protection

M&E and ETNA Fire Protection is committed to being the fire protection contractor's single source for all things fire. From high quality fire fabrication services and loose material deliveries, we are the preferred choice of fire protection contractors. We offer grooving, cutting, welding and threading of pipe. Welding of all pipe black and galvanized and make-on assembly are all done to your projects specifications. There is on-time delivery to any location. All fabricated pipe is clearly marked and bundled byline for easy installation at you project site.

We provide a full line of fire protection items, to include, sprinklers, fittings, couplings, valves and hangers. We can also help you in your fire loop underground needs. You can now eliminate costly and time consuming sourcing. We offer stock listing and 24 hour quote turn-around.

standing pipes


We deliver big and small to the Midwest and beyond!

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We build specialty parts for all your water and wastewater work needs, from valve stem extensions to rodent covers for drainage pipes, tapered filler flange to reaching. Call today 616-241-2109.

Our Core Services

> Ductile Iron and Cast Iron Fabrication

> Treatment Plant Piping

> Wellhouse Piping

> Custom Flanged Pipe

> Fire Protection Pipe

> Surplus fittings

> Fabrication meeting needs and specifications 3"-104"

> Pipe Fabrication and Specialty Products for the Water and Waste Water Industry

> M&E Manufacturing is a Certified Fabricator for American Cast Iron Pipe


Fabricated flanged pipe is made up by threading plain end pipe and attaching threaded flanges. The flange is designed to cover all pipe threads. Ductile iron flanges will be furnished on Ductile pipe.

M&E Manufacturing produces 3" through 36" fabricated pipe for water or other liquids in accordance e with AWWA C115.

Maximum length of flanged pipe is 20'; and lengths less than 20' can be furnished down to the minimum practical length varying with pipe size.

Paint & Coating

Tnemec primers available

Flex Ring Welding



Ductile Iron MJ Fitting Oversizing


Emergency Service for Essential Projects

Red Shop Primer or Black Asphalt Coating Only

Flanges through 36”

Up to 20’ Length

Flange, Groove, Plain End

Ships within 24 Hours, shipping not included

Class 53 Cement Lined


M&E Manufacturing is a Certified Fabricator for American Cast Iron Pipe


Fabricated flange pipe is normally furnished with standard cement lining (per AWWA C104) and asphaltic seal coat on the interior, with one coat of universal primer on the exterior.

A - Ductile Iron Flange;

B - Ductile Iron pipe barrel;

C - American Standard Pipe

Threads, ANSI 82.1, adapted to ductile iron outside diameters


Fabricated flanged pipe barrels conform to the requirements of AWWA C151. The flanges are in conformance with specifications for ductile iron fittings in AWWA C110. In accordance with ANSI 82.1 the pipe barrel and flanges have tapered pipe threads (NPT).

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Additional Services

Welding-ductile iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, plastics

Brazing, Copper and Brass, Assembly Work

Specialty Hangers & Brackets

Slotting, Drilling, Flange Tapping

Threading, Grooving, Boring Mill Work

M&E Manufacturing

M&E Manufacturing offers custom pipe fabrication services for our customers. We will fabricate ductile-iron, steel, and copper pipe, as well as specialty hangers and brackets. Our services include cutting, welding, brazing, slotting, drilling, flange tapping, threading, grooving, assembly, and mill work.


M&E Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Etna Supply Company. Etna Supply is a distributor of plumbing, heating, municipal, underground and fire protection products.

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